Today in the city Declo 11.12.2017
A Union Pacific exec told us why railroads are more high-tech than cars or planes

Union Pacific is using a Big Data technology to ensure that its trains operate safety and efficiently. The system is called Machine Vision. It's one of several high-tech innovations the western freigh...

Mitu Taps David Ortiz to Head Restructured Long-Form Content Team

Latino-focused digital media company Mitu has hired creative executive David Ortiz to lead a newly restructured long-form development, production and talent team. Ortiz most recently worked at Endemol...

<p>The daily business briefing: <em>December 7, 2017</em></p>

1. Walmart said Wednesday that it is changing its legal name from Wal-Mart Stores to simply Walmart to better reflect its increasing focus on e-commerce. "While our legal name is used in a limited num...

Trump’s EPA wants to ignore science and put more dirty trucks back on the road

Diesel exhaust fumes are the most foul tailpipe emissions on the road, as anyone stuck in traffic behind an aging bus or 18-wheeler can attest. But researchers have gathered overwhelming evidence that...

VW Exec Oliver Schmidt Gets Seven Years in Jail for Dieselgate

Former Volkswagen executive liver Schmidt has been sentenced to a maximum of 7 years in prison for his part in the diesel engine scandal that has cost the German automaker in excess of $15 million.

Judge Sends VW Manager to Prison for 7 Years in Diesel Scam

A judge has sentenced a Volkswagen senior manager to seven years in prison for covering up a scheme to evade pollution limits on U.S. diesel vehicles, calling it an astonishing fraud on American consu...

Senior Volkswagen Executive Sentenced In Diesel-Emissions Scandal

Oliver Schmidt admitted to conspiring to defraud the United States by misleading federal regulators about the emissions of diesel cars and violating clean air laws.

VW Official Gets 7-Year Term in Diesel-Emissions Cheating

Oliver Schmidt had pleaded guilty to conspiracy in the carmaker’s scheme to deceive regulators in the United States by cheating on diesel-emissions tests.

The Latest: VW Senior Manager Gets 7 Years in US Prison

A Volkswagen senior manager has been sentenced to seven years in a U.S. prison for concealing software that was used to evade pollution limits on nearly 600,000 diesel vehicles.

Aspiring poet's rejection letter from 1928 is delightfully brutal

No one likes being rejected, especially when you receive a letter that gives your work an absolute dressing down.   Penned by Australian publisher Angus & Robertson in 1928, the letter is add...

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